Scale up your App Development Skills

Thunkable Academy contains in-depth tutorials to help you get the most from your Thunkable Projects.
Level up your API integrations skills, start processing payments with the IAP component or create beautiful data visualisations by adding a charting library to app.
For example, here are three projects you can try for yourself right now:
Most tutorials will have a Project Page links so that you can test out the project for yourself. If you like, you are free to remix our templates and reuse the UI and blocks in your own projects. If you do end up publish an app based on one, or more, of these templates please let us know as we always love to know what sort of apps folks are building on Thunkable.

Don't be a Stranger

Leave feedback, ask questions, connect on Social and in the Community. At the end of each tutorial there's a link to the Thunkable Community where you can get help with any questions you might have.